Craft Brewing

Only through a careful and systematic approach to evaluating market trends, supply chain, community and property can you manage risks and maximize the opportunities that come with expansion.

The Schjeldahl Group provides professional location selection services to brewers ready for an in-town larger facility or a second facility that opens new markets.

Identify the state or region that is right for you:   Select community and property that align with your values and business needs:
  • Efficient and low cost access to markets
  • Optimal supply that maximizes local sourcing of raw materials
  • Location that minimizes carbon footprint
  • Low cost utilities
  • Low labor costs
  • ABC laws that support the craft movement
  • Reasonable regulatory requirements
  • Labor force tuned to your unique needs
  • Accelerated permitting schedule
  • Craft beer loving outdoor entertainment culture
  • Ready-to-go real estate in the right setting
  • Sustainable and environmentally focused community
  • Reliable, quality, redundant utility services
  • A profitable home for spent grains
  • Generous development incentives


and Organizations:
  The Site Selectors Guild   Competitive Ready