Don Schjeldahl Speaks At Renewable Energy Conference

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. views renewable energy technology "from a business standpoint," said Don Schjeldahl, local site coordinator for the company. He added, "It makes common sense in terms of profit."

Sierra hired Sundance Power Systems to install more than 2,000 solar panels at its new Mills River brewery; it’s also building a system that reuses 1 million gallons of storm water a year. Construction plans call for using high-efficiency building materials, and making the most of natural lighting at the site.

Schjeldahl also reported that "the culture of reusing and efficiency is very well developed at Sierra Nevada," which has earned accolades for taking environmental steps at its mother facility in Chico, Calif.

In fact, WNC’s focus on green technologies played a role in luring the business to decide to invest $107.5 million into its new brewery, he mentioned.

"The depth of things happening here in sustainability made an impact," he said. "It makes it easier for companies like Sierra Nevada to follow sustainable business practices because there's incredible support."


Written By Jake Frankel, Mountain Xpress Newspaper on 06/23/2013. Read the Full article at

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