Economic Development

Economic Development

In a three decade career that involved hundreds of corporate site selection projects across a myriad of industries and communities Mr. Schjeldahl honed his understanding for the process by which corporate investments are made.  “Communities that take a multi-disciplined approach to economic development are more likely to achieve success,” according to Mr. Schjeldahl.  Teamed with CompetitiveReady partners, Schjeldahl brings fine-tuned strategies to communities who have engaged his services.

Focused on the future, Mr. Schjeldahl currently holds the position of Site Coordinator for Sierra Nevada Brewing in Mills River, NC.  Schjeldahl is aiding Sierra Nevada in the construction of a new 350,000 barrel per year brewery in western North Carolina. He is helping to transplant to the Mills River brewery Sierra Nevada’s advanced programs for sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy and community engagement that are now well established at the Sierra Nevada’s other brewery in Chico, CA.

An Austin Company project team, led by Schjeldahl, worked with Sierra Nevada management for more than a year to find the best location for an eastern U.S. brewery. Mills River, located 12 miles south of Asheville, was selected as the location for the $110 million facility. The Asheville region was selected in part because of the region’s long tradition for community sustainability and environmental programs, tenets important to Sierra Nevada.

“I’ve spent the last five years immersed in studying the evolution of the global energy economy and the corresponding role of community and corporate sustainability.” said Schjeldahl. “My new position at Sierra Nevada is a perfect opportunity to put my knowledge to practice and document the convergence of corporate and community sustainability. I expect to emerge from this assignment with knowledge that will help economic development practitioners shape leading community growth strategies in the future.”

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